Desautels Management Competitions Committee

The committee oversees the preparation of Desautels students representing McGill at National Case Competitions including Les Jeux du Commerce (Eastern division), Financial Open and Happening Marketing.

DMCC has the mission of ensuring and enhancing the competitiveness of the Desautels and MUS case competitions students. The club recruits and selects students from various business backgrounds based on their skills and experience, to represent the faculty and compete against other Canadian universities. Extensive training, workshops, and continued support is offered to our recruts over the school year to prepare them for their competitions. Students will compete based on their academic skills, but other disciplines are available such as social, participation, contribution and sport.

By being a member of DMCC and representing Desautels at National Case Competitions, you will develop knowledge on how to solve real business challenges, further develop your skills, network with business professionals and create new friendships at amazing events.