Jeux du Commerce

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The main goal of Jeux du Commerce is to initiate communication between undergraduate commerce student associations and the business world. The 4 days event promotes fair competition of business talents from various Canadian universities. The participants are invited to showcase their skills in one of the five components of the competition: academics, social, sports, participation, or contribution.

Benefits & Opportunities

The competition offers a unique opportunity for motivated students to come together in a fair competition. It offers a platform for networking both with other students and industry professionals. Many internship opportunities are available during the event. In addition, through its different components, JDC recreates a multidisciplinary environment that constitutes most of today’s businesses. It also develops good team working, critical thinking, design thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Academic Disciplines

Operation Management, Finance, Taxation, International Business, Debate, Human Resources Management, Organizational Information Systems, Sustainable Development, Accounting, Business Strategy, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Interactive, 24 Hour and Surprise Case.




Université de Montréal

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