Sponsor your Future Leaders

Have you considered sponsoring McGill business students to recruit your future talents?

Sponsoring the Desautels Competition Portfolio empowers students to develop their potential and will offer you the opportunity to meet the best of Desautels.

  • Engagement

    Shape the development of the future business community.

  • Network

    Build connections and relations with passionate future candidates.

  • Recruitement

    Discover talented individuals that could become your future employees.

  • Brand Visisbility

    Increase awarness of your company and brand across an internationally diverse business students community.

  • Workshops

    Opportunity to lead interactive workshops on topics related to your operations to increase students' knowledge about your business.

  • Mentorship

    Allow some of your emerging talents to develop their mentorship skills by guiding and coaching to success our competition teams.

  • Outreach

    Expose your company's culture and values to our students community through events and conference.

How can your company get involved ?

Your company can select to sponsor specific clubs or events that you are interested in or sponsor the Desautels Case Competitions Portfolio as a whole.

Different sponsorship package levels are available for your company to choose from.

We are also always seeking talented individuals from the business community to share their knowledge and work with our students.

Contact Us

Send us an inquiry and one of our student sponsorship coordinator will contact you to share more information and answer your questions.

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